The Gascoyne Annual Art Awards 2022 event has been postponed until August 2023. The WA Electoral Commission need this local government building for a by-election and have legal precedent over our booking. We booked it for its size, security and suitability. The dates suited our judges, our local events calendar and our volunteers and gave our artists maximum opportunity to sell their art work  during our tourist season. We have not been able to change time and place to match these requirements in 2022. Go to Gas Inc. to download terms, conditions and entry forms which will be the same but dates will be changed, once confirmed, for August 2023. 


The rest of my website is about spelling.


We should bother about spelling because it is the very first thing kids learn at school and influences their attitude to learning for the rest of their lives.  A teacher’s mission in life is to encourage curiosity and teach logical thinking.  Every curious kid deserves logical answers to questions about spelling. 

"Why doesn't bother rhyme with brother?" is a reasonable question. 

A teacher can answer this using my big book "Reading with Rules".  No prior knowledge needed.

You'll get an over-all look at spelling in my book "The Inside Story on English Spelling".  

Be a hero to your children and your students. Answer their questions. They deserve it.